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Once you have decided to go with SoyBase Clean, you can rest assured that your cleaning staff will never be alone again. For the last three decades, we have coached our customers on the most effective ways to clean. Our incorporated support services include everything from consulting on best cleaning practices to onsite training for employees. We can tailor a chemical program just for your business, to achieve peak cleaning performance. We even offer special equipment leasing programs.

Do you currently struggle with efficiency problems? Let Cox Industries help your business maximize efficiency with our unmatched concrete degreaser and cleaners. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to your business’ satisfaction.

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We Are Plant Organization Specialists

  • We offer location assessment and testing if required
  • We aid janitorial to divide your plant into sections and systematically color coded areas
  • We assist in the organization of cleaning zones
  • We demonstrate successful sectional cleaning techniques and how to double scrub troublesome areas with our concrete degreasers
  • We help place single or multiple chemical dispensing stations for minimizing travel paths
concrete degreaser

We Prepare You, and then Support You!

  • We prepare your filling areas perfectly with our properly placed high end dispensing towers, eliminating the need for touching chemicals or improper mixtures
  • We can address any questions cleaning techniques, squeegee and brush maintenance
  • We support your employees by sharing the best practices of SoyBase Clean industrial, and concrete degreaser products
  • We have tech support available for our entire family of industrial and concrete degreasers
  • We set up proportioning systems free of charge, to reduce wasted material and extend significant savings to the customer
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Over 35 Years Training and Supporting Our Clients

  • We train your best cleaners and turn them into an elite scrubber team
  • We instruct on proper scrubber machine maintenance, how to fill, how to clean, switch squeegees and check and replace worn brushes
  • We train in groups or one on one
  • We offer Certification to all cleaning personnel
  • We supply training videos and in person demonstrations on industry best practices and on how to use our concrete degreaser and cleaning products
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We guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you make for your company. We are happy to provide free samples of our products if interested.

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