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commercial degreaser for commercial kitchen

Advanced Cleaning Solutions

Cox Industries has been a leading provider of cleaning solutions to the restaurant industry for more than three decades. Our commercial degreasers are all natural and safe to use in many aspects of your kitchen cleaning needs. These cleaning agents are perfect for removing the tough buildup found on oven hoods, stoves, racks, and more. Call today for a free sample!

Key features of the world’s best degreaser for commercial kitchens!

  • Cleans in minutes, not hours or days!
  • All natural & biodegradable.
  • Eliminates buildup of grease, oil, dust and other pain stains.
  • Foamy works great on hard to clean areas like the oven hood and storage racks.
  • Saves time and money by increasing efficiency.
  • SoyBase Clean Original is great for cleaning floors; leaves anti-slip coating.

commercial degreaser for restaurants