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Cox Industries is proud to not only supply the best quality cleaning solutions, but also the best quality equipment to utilize them to their full capabilities. We supply Proportionate Systems, Dispensing Towers, and Water-less Foamers, as well as new and used Industrial Floor Scrubbers. Each of these products have been tested with our industrial and concrete degreaser products. Learn more about each product below and contact us for FREE quote.

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concrete degreaser proportioner
  • Automatically control the amount of water and chemical without manual mixing
  • Available for both low and high water pressure systems
industrial degreaser and concrete degreaser dispenser
  • Used as a quick fill station for automatic scrubbers
  • Pre-mixed chemical is held in a master container ready for quick dispensing
  • The dispensing tower reduces the amount of time required to fill the automatic scrubber
commercial degreaser foamer
  • Works with VelocityQRF (Foamy), to produce a thick shaving cream like foam
  • This foam will cling to vertical surfaces and maximize contact with difficult surfaces
  • By increasing contact time with the surface to be cleaned, the chemical does the work for you

concrete degreaser and floor scrubber
  • VelocityQR works in all commercial floor scrubbing equipment
  • Clean up to three times more with a single tank of water
  • Velocity QR was designed to lubricate the scrubbers as they clean, extending the life of the equipment and protecting your assets.
  • Achieve excellent cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing
  • Easy-to-use operator controls and easy maneuverability
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