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Cox Industries has been crafting easier cleaning solutions for over 35 years. Owner, Shane Cox, worked in the tire industry at a young age. While working in the tire industry, he realized there was a problem with rubber build-up from forklifts picking up and depositing rubber and other materials throughout the plant, and sought out a way to make the cleaning process easier and less time consuming. After years of experimenting with different formulas, a revolutionary new concrete cleaner and commercial degreaser emerged, called Soybase. Soybase has since been used by the world’s leading tire manufacturers for the last 35 years.

With great success in cleaning, sealing, and degreasing the concrete floors in tire manufacturing plants, Cox Industries began to realize that this product was not just for the tire industry, but for all industries. SoyBase, the nations leading industrial degreaser, grew in popularity and spread from one plant to another by word of mouth alone. By not advertising, eliminating distributors, and eliminating commissions, Cox Industries is able to manufacture cleaning formulas that are consistent and of the highest quality, at the lowest possible price.

Why Customers Choose Us:

We’ve been in the cleaning business for over 35 years. Countless businesses depend on our commercial degreaser product everyday and you can too!
More bang for your buck.
Our industrial and commercial degreaser products have more features than our competitors (bio-degradable, anti-slip, cleans seals, protects, cleans drains. No need to apply numerous different products.
Unmatched customer service
Talk to a real person every time you call. Personal approach. Your sales rep will be there for you anytime, anywhere.
Knowledgeable staff
Familiar with your industry and able to answer all of your questions. We take pride in the fact that we know our industrial and commercial degreaser products very well.
Impressive existing customer portfolio
Have you looked through our portfolio of clients? We cater to every major tire manufacturer in the country!.
Always Improving
We’re never satisfied. You can bet we will continue putting money into R&D to ensure our product is always the most cutting edge.

Meet Our CEO, Shane Cox

Meet Our Team

Shane Cox
Shane CoxCEO
P: 800-849-8781
C: 252-299-4444
F: 252-291-6917
E: Shane.Cox@soybaseclean.com
Tim Clarke
Tim ClarkeSales Manager
P: 800-849-8781
C: 919-672-2659
F: 252-291-6917
E: Tim.Clarke@soybaseclean.com
S.H. Marshall
S.H. MarshallBoard of Directors
P: 800-849-8781
C: 919-771-4293
F: 252-291-6917

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